Brendan Murphy should be held personally financially and criminally liable for every jab death and injury during his tenure. If this info is correct, he…
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If this doesn't absolutely prove intent to kill, intent to harm - I don't know what will!
Senators Babet, Roberts, Canavan and Rennick ask important questions that the rest of the crew refuse to help answer. It is up to us now to ask these…
Report 54: 7 months before the COVID jab was PROVISIONALLY approved for children, Pfizer gave it to 34+ kids and the result was HORRIFICWatch now (6 min) | This is not new - but it's only just come to my attention (Hat tip to Nina!) and I wanted you to see it. We are dealing with…
Medical professionals in New York were murdering people in hospital at the beginning of the scamdemicWatch now (10 min) | Did they do the same thing in Australia? In the UK? What about all the scripts for Midazolam?
This venerable organisation, representing more than 5,000 Physicians and Surgeons, is at the thin end of the truth wedge.
Why hasn't this been front page news? Oh, I think I can work that one out myself.
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