Whats wrong he spoke based on fact and .sciences so who's is the truth nowadays the crook become a noblemen.Why Fauci,Gates,Rockfeller and Big Pharma not being taken to the court.All are crazy and most horrifying

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Germans Lost WW2, the Nazis Won

ZOG are Nazi, they are the UK-London bankers and the zionist assholes that created modern Israel, post WW2 ZOG turned the GERMAN people into homos, cuck, and pedophiles; Now most germans engage in beastiality which is legal, and dogs can be rented by the hour universally in Germany;

To criticize a Jew in Germany is life in prison, so ergo to 'incite the goyim' is the death penalty

want to end the madness? Bring back the guillotine and put an end to ZOG occupation of the western world

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You are one of those rare kings / heroes in this kingdom of lies..

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you great heart .thaaaaaaaaaaank you beloved Sucharit

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Dr. B. has shown us what evil is.

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Terrible story. I was listening to this podcast and at the end. they mentioned Forest for the Fallen and an event to coincide w the Bilderberg confetence.. More info please


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Another crime against HUMANITY.!!!

An utter disgrace towards this gentle courageous man who is innocent !!

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Meryl Dorey is severely underinformed about the German penal code. A better translation is "incitement to hatred". It is similar to the various laws in Aust. states about racial vilification and of course the notorious clause 18C which broke Andrew Bolt in 2011. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volksverhetzung.

Bakhdi is being prosecuted because he said in German in April 2021 in an interview videoed to Telrgram and various websites,

GERMAN: Das Volk, das geflüchtet ist aus diesem Land, aus diesem Land, wo das Erzböse war, und haben ihr Land gefunden, haben ihr eigenes Land in etwas verwandelt, was noch schlimmer ist, als Deutschland war. (…) Das ist das Schlimme an den Juden: Sie lernen gut. Es gibt kein Volk, das besser lernt als sie. Aber sie haben das Böse jetzt gelernt - und umgesetzt. Deshalb ist Israel jetzt living hell - die lebende Hölle. (source: https://www.tagesschau.de/investigativ/bhakdi-antisemitismus-101.html)

ENGLISH: The people (Jews) who fled from this country (Germany) where there was pure evil and found their country have turned their own country (Israel) into something that is even worse than Germany was (...) that is the bad thing about the Jews: they are good pupils. There is no people better at learning than they are. But now they have learned Evil and implemented it. So now Israel is a living hell."

He was referring to Israeli policy on the Covid injections.

The German State is prosecuting him both to punish him for his anti-jab stance and to make it clear to all and sundry that it will not tolerate any statement which jeopardises the successful use by its ally Israel of the alleged uniqueness of the Holocaust (= Jews as eternal and blameless victims at all times and all places in history), so as to distract attention from the ongoing ethnic cleansing of ethnic Arabs in the country.

This distraction has been effective these last 45 years especially (the soap opera Holocaust which popularised the word dates back to the late 70s)

In addition, pro-Israel Holocaustianity is by way of being the secular religion of the EU, as one sees from the laws passed in various EU countries since ca. 1985 protecting official Israeli propaganda.

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I too would love to support and help him 😊🙏 he was an early bright light in this fight!

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Let justice be done.

Good will prevail over evil at the end.

Cowards are running this world but will be punished severely at the end.

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May 6, 2023Liked by Meryl Dorey

Saw him interviewed recently, he mentioned this but also that they're also trying to stop his pension which is what he lives on as he's retired. 🙏

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May 6, 2023Liked by Meryl Dorey


Thank you for your enduring and courageous work on our collective behalf.

It was great to hear you on TNT last night.

I discovered doctors for covid ethics in 2021 and the brave and respected Dr Bhakdi.

This news is horrifying.

I know there was a wonderful lawyer in Germany leading the charge, who's name escapes me, but I'm sure he is in contact with 'doctors' so I pray justice be done.

God Speed,


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